LET Common sense is missing from Gov. Pawlenty's recommendations for how to help Minnesota's livestock industry.

Common sense tells us that to help independent livestock farmers the issues of low prices and corporate concentration would be addressed. Neither of these issues are even mentioned in Pawlenty's recommendations.

Common sense tells us that if independent family farmers raised enough pork and produced enough milk to drive the prices below the cost of production, there must not be anything wrong with their ability to produce. Or is production even an issue here. Lets face it, when it costs more to produce milk or hogs than you get paid, you are going to hear barn doors slamming all over the country!

What Pawlenty does recommend is weakening township local control of where large feedlots can be located. This works against independent family farmers and rural Minnesota.

Common sense tells us that when you weaken people's democratic rights, you are not helping them but hurting them. Instead, you are helping large corporate ag interests that do not want local people to have the right to put common sense limits on factory farms.

As a third generation farmer in this area and having a son willing to step in to make it a fourth generation, I could not be more disappointed in Pawlenty's recommendations. Instead of helping livestock producers and rural Minnesota, Pawlenty is working to further corporate control.


Evan; Schmeling


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