LET Consider courts when voting

I read Ellen Goodman's column in the Oct. 2 paper headlined, "Bounty of Supreme Court picks might go to next president." As she stated, in presidential politics we're voting for four more years -- in the Supreme Court we're voting for 40 years. Although I agree with her, it's for the opposite reasons.

Liberal judges have tried to block the ban on partial-birth abortion. A gruesome procedure most Americans want abolished. They have tried to redefine the definition of marriage. More than two-thirds of Americans want it to remain between one man and one woman. They have tried to remove God and the Ten Commandments from public view, which is also against the will of the majority of Americans. Many of these judges have made decisions not based on the Constitution and law or the will of the people but on their own personal views.

As Ellen Goodman stated, in this election we are basically voting for 40 years of Supreme Court judges. We need to take this matter very seriously when going to the polls to vote for the next president because many of the decisions being made now will affect our children and grandchildren in the years to come.

Larry; Vomhof


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