LET County needs unified voice

By Ken Brown

I am running for County Commissioner in District 2. I have been an active volunteer all of my adult life and I have a deep commitment to this community. I bring a balance of ideas and experience.

There is no single issue that is driving me to run. I believe in strong local government that carries out the will of the people.

I have a vision for the county. By working to form partnerships with the counties, cities and townships in southeastern Minnesota, I want to bring a unified message to St. Paul. I will demonstrate that this economic region deserves additional investment. Currently we get back about 60 cents for every dollar of tax money we send to the state. Increasing that number can mean millions for Olmsted County. It means improving our roads, providing jobs and making this a better place to live.

I believe in a commitment to our kids, to include them all and show them that with education and hard work, nothing is outside their grasp.


I believe voters want someone dedicated to the job and able to bring a wide range of experiences to the position. I have 20 years experience with the IBM Corporation and I run my own small business. I have the management, fiscal and budget experience to handle the job of commissioner.

I do my homework. I have met with many of the major department heads in the county to understand their issues and begin to get a sense of how they operate and what their priorities are. This is so I can look beyond today's issues and begin to focus on our future. As you make your decision on who to vote for, ask yourself, who is the best person to deal with the challenges we will see in three or more years, who will do the work to stay in touch and be able to help guide the development of Olmsted County. My track record and actions demonstrate that I am ready for this opportunity to serve you.

My values are family, work and community and I would like to put those to work for you. I would appreciate your vote in the primary on Sept. 10.

Brown of Rochester is a candidate for the District 2 seat on the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners.

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