LET Deal with youth issues now

I am a 17-year-old senior at Mayo High School, and I am concerned about Rochester's gang problem.

There have long been feuds between gangs here, but this is a problem that in my belief could have been dealt with some time ago.

The welcoming sign into Rochester boasts of being voted "America's Most Liveable City," with the Mayo Clinic and IBM creating the backdrop. But that conceals the real world to newcomers in Rochester, especially where teens are concerned.

I have noticed that there aren't many places in Rochester where people my age can hang out and have a good time. The only places that I know of are JD Billiards (formerly Cyber Cue), the Aquarius Club during teen nights in the summer and, of course, the most popular hangout, "cruising Broadway."

Even with the recent approval by the city council of a skate park, teens will still cruise Broadway, and many of them will find trouble.


Have you considered that we are the future, the next generation of lawyers, politicians and future mayors -- even presidents?

Do we as a community really want to sweep this problem under a rug and hope that sugarcoating the issues will just make it go away?

Stephen; Spivack


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