LET Debate should be free of charge

In its Sept. 25 editorial, the Post-Bulletin mentioned the gubernatorial debate that will soon be held in Rochester. The fee for attending the event is $35 for those who are not chamber members. This type of fee was also attached to tickets for the chamber-sponsored debate between Tim Walz and Gil Gutknecht.

It is unfortunate that the chamber has chosen to make these debates available to only those citizens who can afford $35 and who have the ability to leave work for an extended period of time in the middle of the day. The opportunity to experience in-person dialogue between candidates for crucial offices is an important element in furthering the democratic process and producing an informed electorate.

The chamber has missed an excellent opportunity to be of service to all area residents. If it plans to sponsor further debates I would hope that they would be held in a public venue for the entire community with no admission charged.

Britta; Youmans


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