LET Democrats careless with secrets

Revelations about the theft of classified information from the National Archives show once more why Democrats can't be trusted with national security.

Sandy Berger took at least 90 pages of secret documents, marked with the highest-level security code. This was no innocent, isolated incident. Rather, it is symptomatic of the lax attitude of the Clinton White House on matters of national security.

During the Clinton presidency, CIA director John Deutch resigned and was successfully prosecuted (later pardoned by Clinton) for allowing sensitive national security information to be placed on his home computer. Intercontinental ballistic missile technology was transferred to the Communist Chinese. Top secret documents were stolen from Secretary of State Albright's office. A laptop computer kept in a State Department conference room containing top secret intelligence disappeared, as did nuclear secrets from Los Alamos, N.M.

Yet whom does John Kerry appoint as foreign policy and national security advisers to his campaign? Sandy Berger and Ambassador Joseph Wilson, both now discredited by their actions. What does this say about Sen. Kerry's judgment and commitment to the security of this country? It shows that Democrats have an indifference to the fundamentals of secret national security information. Their ravings that President Bush hasn't done enough to improve security ring hollow when compared to what they have done to destroy it.

Joseph; Rysavy



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