LET Don't fault Michaels for move

Many of those who were against my wife previously, mostly over the anti-smoking ordinance and who would like to see her removed from office at any cost, have used my vision problems as an excuse to claim she is uncaring for her poor blind husband.

I must answer this statement because it relates to me. My glaucoma has progressed to the point where I can no longer read regular print. Because of the blind spots in my visual field I have ceased driving and donated my car to a vocational school.

My new apartment is close enough so I have the ability to go downtown several times a week, which I am happy to do, both for eating with my friends and working at the county jail library. I cook meals for my wife and myself and do the laundry. Do not feel sorry for me and fault my wife for making me more free by our move downtown.

Franklin; Michaels


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