LET Don't grade candidates by gender

I take offense to the letter that Judy Miller of the Woman's Shelter wrote to the Post-Bulletin stating that a woman was needed on the county board because a male would not be conscious of the problems of the Woman's Shelter or the needs of children.

What a sexist remark. Men have been taking care of the needs of women and children for ages while serving on different boards, and to imply that men would not be as good as women puzzles me. Should I state that a woman does not know anything about road building and therefore should not serve on the county board? This statement would be as one sided as the one made by Ms. Miller. I would hope that a person serving on any board would not take gender in their consideration and penalize any organization and withhold funds.

Decisions are made with how much monies are available and how these funds be spread around fairly. I believe that Dave Perkins would be the best candidate for county commissioner. He has 15 years of management experience, extensive background in business, long range planning and budget management and leadership skills. He is a leader and will be fair and accountable to all the residents of District 6. Dave has the energy and enthusiasm to do the job as your 6th ward Commissioner.

Bob; Domaille


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