LET Dump your junk where it belongs

I live off of Pinewood Road Southeast. People love to dump off their junk under the Highway 52 bridge and anywhere along the gravel road where I live. It's gross and bad for the environment. They dump off anything you can think of: A fridge, oven, trash, couch, recliner and animals that people shot and just took the meat.

I wonder why those people are so lazy that they can't take their trash elsewhere. They go through the trouble of dumping it here, so why not just sell it or take it to Olmsted County Waste Management? How would you like it if this happened to you? I bet you wouldn't like to see it every day on your way to school and on your way home. It usually stays there until the township people come and pick it up, which is quite awhile.

I am not quite sure how to stop it, but I wish I could.

Saige; Dittrich


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