LET Education opportunities improve

In the June 28 edition, reporter Matthew Stolle questioned the University of Minnesota's commitment to expand opportunities for higher education in southeastern Minnesota through the University Center Rochester.

There is no doubt Rochester community leaders have worked hard to expand course offerings in Rochester. Also, there is no doubt about The significance of the agreement recently negotiated between the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.

Under the terms of the agreement:

Clear leadership roles for The University of Minnesota and the university's provost in Rochester are specified;

The offerings of Winona State University, Rochester Community and Technical College, and private institutions will be coordinated with the University of Minnesota; and


The two systems are committed to better serve students through academic support services, advising, and coordination in the areas of mission and marketing.

In short, the agreed-upon changes address: leadership issues so resources benefit students, the advancement of higher education, and funding issues.

In an era of fiscal constraints and tight budgets, it is easy to overlook substantial progress in the areas of new offerings and clarification of the leadership responsibilities.

I am confident that these changes will improve higher education opportunities for Rochester. Our community leaders are appropriately pressing hard to get an acknowledged branch of the University of Minnesota in Rochester. I am optimistic.

H.; Bryan Neel III

Regent,; University of Minnesota


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