LET Elect a true representative

Recently we have seen the majority of our county board members go from a dedicated group of representatives who administer to the needs of our precincts, to a selfish, greedy and arrogant majority of individuals intent on furthering their personal agendas at the expense of the entire county.

The rail bypass, cost: $210,837.61 to date

The 26 percent pay Increase, cost: $47,535.00

The innocent mistake, cost: $12,000-15,000

Our form of local government allows for checks and balances. When we become aware that our local representation has gotten out of balance in its fair representation of our needs, it is our responsibility as citizens to check this trend by replacing out-of-step individuals with true representative individuals.


A representative of a district can only be elected by voters who reside in that district, yet that one representative can affect the lives of each and every human being in Olmsted County. It is therefore imperative that concerned citizens throughout Olmsted County contact voters in District 6 and urge them to go to the polls on July 29 for the primary election to help to restore our faith in the individuals we trust with our futures.

Tom; Blondell


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