LET Environmental debts are costly

Environmental problems continue to grow faster than our ability to solve them. Even reasonable steps to address global warming get nowhere in the current political arena that treats such problems as liberal vs. conservative issues.

In fact, the Bush administration actually dismantles protections already established by previous Republican and Democratic presidents. In Barry Goldwater's 1970 book, "The Conscience of a Majority," he devoted a whole chapter to "Saving the Earth." He freely acknowledged that we humans create problems that threaten our own survival. He recognized the challenges we have in curbing our appetite for material luxury and personal convenience.

Goldwater, while a staunch supporter of the free enterprise system, expressed a stronger belief in the right of people to live in a clean and pollution-free environment. Strong words from the leading conservative of his time.

Let's not pass environmental debts down to the next generation. In the upcoming elections, we must elect leaders who will work with renewed bipartisan cooperation to protect our environment.

Greg; Caucutt



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