let Evidence of evolution is plentiful

Evidence of evolution is plentiful. Even the Pope has recognized that "New knowledge leads us to recognize in the theory of evolution more than a hypothesis." The best Internet source of information about evolution is

Much of evolution (for example, bacterial antibiotic resistance) can be observed directly. The only contentious portion of evolution has been macroevolution. Until recently, there was no direct genetic evidence that could explain how large-scale evolutionary changes could occur (although other evidence exists). Within the last month, however, scientists at the University of California were able to demonstrate this process in the laboratory.

The reason creationism is not taught in schools is that it is not a science. Creationism is simply another attempt by religious fundamentalists to proselytize to captive young schoolchildren (as with mandatory school prayer or posting of the Ten Commandments).

Evolution doesn't contradict the possible existence of a God. The only thing it does contradict is the "Young Earth Theory," which is a result of a literal interpretation of Bible genealogies.

Doug; Cramer



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