LET Fair board disregards tradition

The Olmsted County Fair Board has made a decision to move the 4-H exhibits out of the 4-H building during the county fair.

The 4-H building was built in 1956 for the 4-H youth, with funds from 4-H and the county. This year the fair board indicated that heritage is not part of the fair and that a group of adults is more important than youth. The board decided that the adult photography and visual arts area will be showing their entries in the 4-H building.

This adult group feels that the 4-H building will give them the accessibility and the lighting they need to show their entries. But it is OK for the youth art projects to be in an area that is not conducive to showing their art? The 4-H youth are being told by the board that they are not important, traditions are not important, and they must realize that adults are more important than youth.

When you go to the fair in August, don't look for 4-H in the 4-H building, but look us up in Graham East, and if you think youth and traditions are important stop at the fair office and tell the fair board.

Judy; Plank


Olmsted; County 4-H Volunteer

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