LET Fix goose problem first

After reading the flyer on storm-water management, which addresses keeping our water resources clean and usable, I think the majority of people in Rochester don't mind paying a small fee to accomplish this goal.

But it seems like we are defeating our goal if we are going to let the geese turn our lakes and ponds in Rochester into cesspools by all the goose waste. Also, if you live by a lake or pond you have a lot of goose poop in your yard, so your children can't play in the yard without causing a health concern. You can't even walk in your yard without stepping in goose poop and in some cases tracking it into your house.

I don't mind paying a small fee to protect our water resources. But if we aren't going to do anything about the geese polluting our lakes, ponds and yards in Rochester, then it doesn't make much sense to charge a fee to protect our water resources.

Gary; Schwirtz


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