LET Flag theft is disheartening

On May 31, the fifth flag I have purchased was stolen from our yard. Perhaps it was euphoric students celebrating their graduation from high school. But this action speaks volumes.

I have just returned from visiting the American cemetery in Normandy where the American and French flags fly side by side. This was my first visit to that site since June 6, 1944. Walking among the graves of thousands of American soldiers was a traumatic experience, even after nearly 58 years.

The presence of hundreds of American flags standing watch over those graves clearly establishes their symbolism. Our flag is not just a few yards of cloth, it represents our country and everything great about America. It also marks the graves of thousands of men and women who lost their lives protecting the country this flag represents.

The thieves have won. I quit. No longer will I display my flag just so others may desecrate it. There is something wrong when an old soldier who survived three wars may not, in his elderly years, fly the flag he followed for so many years and over so many miles.

Walter; Halloran



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