LET Flood of hog factory applications

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement members met with Sen. Stewart Iverson prior to the first draft of the Livestock Confinement bill to express our concerns that there would be a rush of hog factory construction applications if provisions were not made retroactive or at the very least implemented immediately.

We were assured that the bipartisan panel had agreed upon a retroactive date of Jan. 1, 2002.

Then the Farm Bureau and other corporate interests stepped in to rewrite the bill after details were conveniently released, pushing effective dates of various provisions to 2003, 2005 and 2007. They had the audacity to call this "landmark legislation.''

Now the Department of Natural Resources has received three times the normal applications to process. It is with little satisfaction that we can say we told you so. Affected counties must continue to pass factory farm moratoriums that place residents' health and welfare above politics, which our Legislature was unwilling to do.

-- D.G. Partridge, Wall Lake, Iowa

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