LET Friends come through for family

Because of friends, neighbors and caring strangers, my parents, Harry and Jo Kapinos, have been able to draw the strength they needed to deal with the loss of their home in a July 30 fire.

The death of their oldest son, Michael, last year was the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent. But the loss of their home, so gently created over the years, was devastating.

The sweet memories of the days gone by are irreplaceable. Then, a break-in at their temporary storage space on Sunday night, where they kept salvageable items from the fire, resulted in theft of more precious memories, little family treasures and history.

The home's reconstruction plans are under way and the RV in the driveway is home for the next three to four months. Camp Kapinos is alive and well, so feel free to phone Harry and Jo to cheer them up and wish 'em well.

My parents' friends, loved ones and the unexpected little kindnesses by people unknown to them have gotten this family through the "things happen in three" syndrome.


Like our brother Mikey used to say, "A good day is a day above ground."

Mary; S. Kapinos


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