LET God cares for the thugs

I was dismayed to read the account of the "Byron thugs." From Webster's Dictionary: "thug -- a rough, violent criminal. Nuisance -- a person that causes trouble or bother."

We who have children know they must be taught right from wrong from the time they are toddlers. Most parents do everything they can to raise their children to be good, honest and kind. Peer pressure affects some children in a negative way.

I doubt that down inside the "B Thugs" feel they had a good time when they caused problems for others. I encourage the "Byron Thugs" to think of other ways to use their energy, such as offering to shovel snow; run errands for older or disabled people; help someone who has fallen. They will appreciate you and your reward will be to feel good about yourselves. Be strong against mischief-making.

There are organizations such as youth groups in church, "Young Life," "Youth For Christ," etc. They plan great fun times with play, music and laughter. They have music and entertainment. You will meet other young people and sometimes take trips together.

How about it, guys and gals? Try a new experience that will bring joy to you, to others, and will make your parents proud.


I'm old. In your eyes, really old, but I care about you. God does, too.

Elva; Elgersma


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