LET Gun law sends wrong message

After passage of the concealed weapon bill, Joe Olson, president of Concealed Carry Reform Now, said, "Today is a wonderful day in that honest, law-abiding citizens will be able to protect themselves ... Good people are going to be safer."

Well, I certainly feel a lot safer knowing that 90,000 more Minnesotans may be carrying around loaded guns! Never fear, though, guns won't be allowed in the state Capitol, airports and federal buildings, and this bill adds schools and day care centers to the list. Let's hope a child of some law-abiding citizen doesn't get hold of his parent's gun and bring it to school.

Private businesses and places of worship can post signs prohibiting weapons on their premises. Is that business owner going to disarm the person who decides to ignore the sign? And imagine the sign as you enter your place of worship -- how comfortable does that make you feel? Guns will be allowed, however, in other public places -- sports arenas, parks and playgrounds, state and county fairgrounds, libraries. With so many guns available, police officers may have a hard time identifying the good guy.

This law has so much potential for harm. Minnesota has joined the ranks of states that think thousands of guns on our streets will take away our fears and make us safer! It's a bad message to send our children!

Karmen; Gusa



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