LET Gutknecht can wait with 'insults'

This past Monday Steve Andreasen announced his intention to seek the DFL endorsement as a candidate for 1st District congressman.

On the very same broadcast, Gil Gutknecht attacked his candidacy as an insult to the voters of this district. Andreasen isn't even running against Gutknecht at this point. He is seeking the DFL endorsement over other members of his own party. If Gil wants to participate in that process, he would first need to switch parties.

George W. may dictate to Minnesota Republicans who they should run for U.S. Senate, but in the 1st District we prefer to choose our candidates the old-fashioned way, locally, through caucuses and conventions. Gutknecht obviously didn't learn this type of rude, partisan behavior in this district, but he did perfect it further at the knee of Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay and the rest of his party's right wing leadership.

It wasn't successful for them either. Newt is now in oblivion, and Delay doesn't even have the ear of the president.

This type of election strategy is the "real insult" to the people of our district. They deserve better. Is it going to be that difficult defending your voting record, Gil, that you need to divert that discussion from issues that affect our everyday lives?


Gene; Kivi


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