LET Gutknecht too passive on DM#x0026;E

In the July 22 edition of the Post-Bulletin, Wyatt Decker wrote a superb piece regarding the DM&E; project and the subsequent dangers it poses to the city of Rochester. People who read the article and have been following news coverage of the process recognize that the name of Gil Gutknecht has been missing when various solutions have been discussed. In fact, the congressman has been bobbing and weaving and avoiding repeated opportunities to help the citizens of Rochester.

The threat this project poses to our community is huge. Gutknecht is perfectly situated to help safeguard the economic viability and safety of 70 percent of his total constituency by working at the federal level to ensure that taxpayers do not end up liable for a $2.5 billion loan DM&E; is requesting. His lack of action and concern for Rochester speaks volumes.

The November election will likely end the political career of Gutknecht. Regretfully, for the sake of Rochester, that may be too late.

Jay; Youmans


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