LET Hanson will bring needed change

I believe Denny Hanson will bring new vision to our city. For far too long we have been doing business as usual. For the last few years the police and fire departments have been working short-handed. They should not feel the effects of budget cuts. Our current council president, John Hunziker, has not made the tough decisions in the city's budget. Denny is committed to make the tough decisions in putting together the city's budget so that public safety will be first in the budget.

The Rochester Fire Department has four stations in our community. Duluth, a city of similar size, has eight. We have waited two years for fire Station Five, yet it continues to get cut in our city's budget. Our police force works shorthanded with insufficient backup. God help all of us if we lose one of them. Who goes to work and has the ability to save a life or has a chance to lose their life daily?

Change is necessary in these times and I think the window of opportunity is now. Vote for Denny Hanson for city council president for a new vision for the city of Rochester.

Joe; Powers


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