LET I have to wonder if anyone else is as tired as I am of the constant negative articles relating to Gov. Pawlenty's proposed budget cuts.

Scare-tactic headlines and articles focusing on the worst that could happen show the Post-Bulletin's bias on this issue.

I am thankful our governor has the wisdom and courage to do what should be done. When unexpectedly faced with less income, families and private businesses cut their expenditures. The fact that the things that they may have to cut out are good and beneficial does not negate the fact that they can no longer afford them.

Our government should have to do the same thing. "Quality of life" is not necessarily based on how much money you have, but on many other factors.

As for the statement that has been included in several articles that "these cuts will hurt the most vulnerable persons in our society," I have this thought. Looking back, many "vulnerable" people have risen to become strong men and women who shaped our country and freedoms. Immigrants, the poor, the disabled, and many others lifted themselves up, without the help of government intervention. If government money is not available to fund all of the programs we now have, how about trusting people to use their God-given initiative to lift up themselves.

Beverly; Daffron



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