LET I'm proud to support Iowa's new coalition

It's hard to imagine Iowa without its soybean and corn fields, feedlots, barns, and small rural towns. Farming is not just a way of life for some Iowa families; it is often the single characteristic defining our state to the rest of the world.

Few will disagree that agriculture is the backbone of our state's economy. It employs 137,000 Iowans, generates $5 billion in economic activity and almost $500 million in taxes. Its important to our future that we support agriculture and the men and women involved in it. That's why I'm proud to be a member of the newly formed Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers, an organization that promises to help grow Iowa's communities one farmer at a time.

For the first time in our state's history, six of the leading agriculture organizations, including the Iowa Soybean Association, have banded together under a common goal: to educate, empower and defend farmers and our rural communities. Never before has rural Iowa been so united. This is an exciting time for our state and we, as Iowans, need to support the coalitions efforts.

CSIF will provide four key services. First, it will help farmers understand and follow the rules and regulations impacting animal agriculture. Second, it will empower farm families to educate consumers about the importance of food production.

Third, CSIF will show the connection between farm life and Iowa's economic and social well-being. Finally, the coalition will hold individuals and organizations responsible for inaccurate and misleading information about farm families who raise livestock.


If you'd like to find out more about CSIF, please go to its Web site: or call 1-800-932-2436.

-- Curt Sindergard, president of the Iowa Soybean Association

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