LET Impeach the Republicans

I am outraged at the attitude and tactics of Gov. Pawlenty and the Republicans in the House and Senate. They should all be impeached for incompetence and malfeasance in office.

Whether you agree with the Democrats' positions on the budget or not, they at least offered a bill that would keep the state government operating after June 30. But Pawlenty and his minions in the Legislature opted to shut down the government instead.

Since the last legislative session, Pawlenty has been trying to raise state revenue by surreptitious means, property-tax hikes, fee increases and other "revenue enhancement" measures. He has even proposed the state going into business with casinos, which begs the question, why does a conservative Republican governor who opposes socialized medicine support and advocate socialized gambling?

What has happened to the Republican Party of Minnesota? Does it now feel that it has the right and obligation to shut down the state government if it cannot get what it wants?

The Republicans in the House and Senate voted overwhelmingly against the "lights on legislation" which would have kept the state government open. They are not even dimly aware that the people of Minnesota want their government to be open to them, working for them, at their request and command. If our legislators and governor cannot understand this simple fact, then they should not run for elective office.


Thorstein; Nelson


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