LET Is she running from re-election?

Have you noticed the word "re-elect" suddenly being deliberately removed from Kim Norton's campaign signs?

Before the primary, Ms. Norton stated that she wanted to be re-elected as the only incumbent running so she could bring continuity to a school board that will have several new members. But she didn't mention her record of the past four years, one marked by the many poor decisions we have all heard about.

Recently, she has stated that she wishes to distinguish herself as an individual, not just a member of a board. Now she doesn't want to use the word "re-elect." Ms. Norton can run for election or re-election, but she can't run from her record. I respect Ms. Norton's dedication and passion for education, but this is not the kind of leadership, integrity and accountability I'd like to see in a school board member.

Genny; Janikowski


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