LET Kerry knows small business woes

I thank the Post-Bulletin for its good coverage of Sen. Kerry's recent visit to Rochester. But as one fortunate to be in attendance, I want to add mention of the feature that impressed me most. That was Kerry's thorough understanding of the problems presented by all those who asked questions. To keep this letter short, I will tell of only one instance.

A small-business owner told of the problem she faced in deciding whether to hire an applicant with a health problem -- which she wanted to do, but it would increase the already-high premium for health coverage of her employees. Kerry revealed that he had owned a small business (which I had not known before), and he recognized the troubles that small entrepreneurs face. He favors arrangements for small businesses to join together to obtain health coverage on terms as favorable as large companies can get.

President Bush has that idea too, but Kerry goes further. He wants to have the government take over all cases costing more than $50,000, thus enabling insurers to lower their premiums; and he wants to give small businesses a tax break on the premiums they pay. This will greatly increase the number of workers employers can cover.

I want to have a president who knows about what people are up against, and has thought hard about how to help all of us do better.

Guy; Whitehead



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