LET Kerry sensible, Bush far from it

We are now in the last days of a long presidential campaign. I ask the readers of the Post-Bulletin to join me in voting for Sen. Kerry for president because he understands and believes the following:

The noblest form of income is from the sweat of a person's brow, and not from investment or inherited wealth; and that tax policy should not discriminate against workers;

Business does not "create" jobs, but hires workers to fill jobs created by the demand for goods and services from people with money in their pockets; and that America's economic strength derives from its strong middle class;

The ability to breath clean air and drink pure water is a right of all Americans which must be protected by the government; and not taken away for a penny or two more of profit;

The invasion of Iraq, planned by the Bush administration neocons in 1992, was a catastrophic error and an obsessive detour from the war against terrorism;


Civil liberties cannot be subservient to the war on terror, or the terrorist will have won, even in defeat;

The president is also a citizen who is not above the laws of the United States; and that all the memorandums in the world justifying the inhumane treatment of prisoners do not make it right.

James; D. Colville


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