LET Kuisle leads on fiscal matters

When really outrageous claims appear in letters, you know the political campaign season has arrived. Ed Rowley's claim that Bill Kuisle is not a fiscal conservative is blatant, even for the campaign season.

The 2001 tax cut that Kuisle supported was directed to the middle class, who received the biggest percentage reduction. Lower-income families received the next biggest reduction. Upper-income Minnesotans saw the smallest reduction. Fairness requires everyone receive the same reduction, but for Rowley the fact that upper-income Minnesotans received any reduction makes it a millionaire tax cut.

"Millionaire tax cut" and "racial discrimination" have turned into the default liberal smear used whenever they have nothing meaningful to say.

Rowley's other claims are equally baseless.

For K-12, 2006 spending will be over $8,000 for every student. The problem isn't that we aren't spending enough -- we're simply wasting too much. Other countries are spending far less, and their students are outperforming ours.


Capping Local Government Aid doesn't cause property tax hikes -- irresponsible local government spending does. After hiking property taxes in the face of tremendous opposition, the Rochester City Council gave consideration to spending $9 million on a water park. Giving local government more money is like giving crack to a junkie.

We need leadership, not someone who irresponsibly spends other people's money. We need Bill Kuisle.

Michael; Thelen


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