LET Lessen dependence on foreign oil

Twenty-five or so years ago, we experienced sky-high oil prices and midday gas station shutdowns due to fuel shortages.

Since then what have we learned and what can we do next?

Do we want to tamper with a piece of pristine wilderness and its natural habitat in ANWR, Alaska, to obtain less than 10 percent of our oil supply?

Do we want to risk costly oil spills, reduce the protective ozone layer and hasten ice cap meltdowns, which may cause erratic weather changes?

Instead, why not conserve fuel usage by making individual lifestyle and consumption changes?


Why not exhibit corporate responsibility, reduce fuel consumption and operate in a more environmentally friendly way?

Why not ask government and the private sector to fund development of clean, safe alternative fuels? Not nuclear power, but rather wind power and cleaner-burning fuels.

Why not strengthen environmental standards and regulations and encourage competition, which encourages lower fuel prices?

Why not develop alternative and innovative transportation? Expand bus and train routes and develop mass transportation.

The results we could accomplish: reduced fuel costs, reduced dependence on oil, and improved quality of life for us and future generations to come.

The challenge: make lifestyle changes now and write your politicians to discourage oil drilling in ANWR, Alaska.

Joan; Gartner




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