LET Let checks and balances play out

Not only is it shameful to have a public airing of the NSA's classified surveillance activities, it is also illegal.

If the Valerie Plame incident is any indication of the outcry and outrage for airing classified information, the perpetrator of this leak should be in jail for life. President Bush's responsibility is to protect the American people. He answers to the citizens of the republic, not foreign bodies and governments, or international laws.

A closer look at Article II of the U.S. Constitution would lead one to discover the framers intended on a strong executive branch with the ability to exercise power by a single hand and act decisively and with secrecy, especially when faced with a direct threat to the Republic.

President Bush will be out of office in 2009, never to return. In the meantime, if his actions are a threat to us and our civil liberties, Congress can impeach and the Senate can convict. The checks and balances contemplated by the framers are working as they should. Playing politics with national security is deadly.

President Bush is not acting in a manner inconsistent with his constitutional responsibilities and authorities, the plenary authority of the executive branch, or previous administrations and precedent. Our enemies want to wipe the United States and other free nations off of the map and we must fight them aggressively, using every tool at our disposal.


Jason; Drefahl


; Be found guilty first

When, if ever, is it appropriate for the government to spy on its own citizens?

Only after found guilty in a court of law and while imprisoned. Otherwise I believe this is an infraction of the constitutional freedom that this country was founded upon. Didn't the early settlers secede from this type of totalitarianism? Or something ever-increasingly similar?

Jim; Denker


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