LET Let's build on Rochester's excellence

By Carla Nelson

As a candidate for state representative in Rochester (District 30A) I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to voters, outline my positions on key issues facing our state and region and ask for your support and vote on September 10 in the primary election and on Nov. 5 in the general election.

I am running for state representative because I want to build on Rochester's excellence. Not only is this the theme of our campaign efforts, but it appropriately describes the community in which we live. Rochester has an excellent system of public and private education. As a teacher, I understand the challenges facing our schools. This includes fair and equitable funding for our students and classrooms. It is unfair that schools in the metro area receive thousands more per student than Rochester schools. Minnesota lawmakers must do better in equalizing funding among school districts. As an educator, I believe I can effectively make the case on behalf of Rochester students.

Rochester is home to a world class health care system that is the envy of the world. Still, costs for health care are rising and prescription drug coverage is unaffordable for many. I pledge to work with health care providers, employers, unions, state, county and federal officials to address rising health care premiums and lack of affordable coverage. On the issue of prescription drugs, a combined state and federal approach may be useful. The state's prescription drug program for seniors is helpful to many. If budget considerations permit, an expansion of this program should be discussed. On the federal side, Congressman Gil Gutknecht has fought to make it legal for individuals to import FDA-approved drugs made in FDA approved facilities. Such an approach holds the promise to reduce prices and should be further examined.

As Highway 52 is rebuilt through Rochester, I will work with city, county and state transportation officials to expedite the construction timetable to lessen disruption to residents and businesses. Road construction projects must be designed and built with a long range view of what future needs will be, particularly in growing cities like Rochester. Currently, a portion of automobile sales taxes collected by the state are not spent on road construction. That is simply wrong. I will advocate for a full and complete dedication of automobile taxes to road construction and maintenance.


With great schools, a vibrant business community and a strong civic pride, Rochester is indeed the most livable city in America. State lawmakers must create an economic climate that enables the Rochester region to grow and produce high-paying jobs in the medical, high-tech and manufacturing sectors.

My campaign efforts include visiting every home and neighborhood in District 30A. I welcome your comments and suggestions and would be honored to serve Rochester as its next state representative. We have a lot to protect and with your vote, I will work with you to build on Rochester's excellence.

Nelson of Rochester is a Republican candidate for the District 30A House of Representatives seat.

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