LET Liebling twists 'sanctuary' vote

While someone can vote for a bill and not agree with all of its aspects, a person cannot vote for specific amendments and honestly say they support the opposite. Tina Liebling was dishonest to deny, in response to a Tom Ostrom column, that she has repeatedly supported sanctuary laws that would prevent law enforcement from actively enforcing our immigration laws.

Liebling voted for two amendments, one would have made a statewide "sanctuary law," the other would give the local option of not enforcing our immigration laws, thus supporting local "sanctuary cities." If either amendment had passed, it would have allowed "sanctuary cities." Thus, Liebling supported "sanctuary laws."

The Paymar amendment prohibited local governmental units or their employees from asking a crime victim or witness about their immigration status. Liebling and Rep. Andy Welti voted for this amendment.

The Larson amendment would have allowed a sheriff or police chief to essentially establish their own policy under which their officers could take action to verify the immigration status of any person. The net effect would be to allow chiefs to virtually ignore the law if they so desired. Liebling and Welti voted for this amendment.

Liebling's specific votes supported "sanctuary laws."


By printing the correction, the P-B allowed Liebling to twist/spin the truth and is complicit in it.

Duane; Quam Jr.

Olmsted; County

Republican; Party chairman


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