LET Look deeper into government policies

The debate over the issues of war, lies and abuse continue to go on. It's time to look deeper into the status of government policies, and the human condition.

The state of war seems to open a door, which provides the human being an opportunity to reach into its darkest and most destructive thoughts and desires. It abuses the sudden availability of power, feeding the primitive urges, abandoning the spiritual aspect of their being. An evolved people, that holds to spiritual virtues and qualities, cannot remain silent and inactive toward such a state as this.

The only way to conquer evil is with good.

"Good" finds the wisdom and strength to pursue the higher level virtues that can resolve and evolve any given situation with truth, justice, forgiveness, and love all playing their role. There is a hope that all citizens of our country will use their rights and freedoms to correct and advance the conduct and policies of our nation, and restore the respect that comes with living the higher level of our being.

Mark; Lewis



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