LET Media misuse 'insurgent' term

Over and over we hear from the media, "The insurgents do this terrorist act," or "the insurgents use suicide bombs to kill police and innocent civilians."

Why do we always use the term "insurgents?" Look up the word insurgents. Definition: one who takes part in forcible resistance or opposition to an existing government. Or one not recognized as a belligerent."

Most consider an insurgent as a member of a political party who rebels against party leadership.

Belligerent (defined) -- a person engaged in warfare.

Why does the media use the term "insurgent" when all indications show they are belligerents?


Those who blow themselves up and use car bombs are from Jordan, Syria. Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries who do not like the idea of Iraqis ruling themselves?

Here are a few questions:

Is it attack from other countries?

Is it efforts to stop democracy?

Is it efforts to make our country and military look bad?

M.J.; "Mac" McCauley


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