LET Michaels bids farewell

I congratulate Mr. Perkins on his victory and wish him success in representing the 6th District of Olmsted County.

He will find the county employees form an extremely knowledgeable staff, and he will do well to work closely with them as he learns his new job.

I will greatly miss these wonderful people with whom I have worked for 26 years -- 10 years as a volunteer and 16 years as commissioner -- and wish them all the very best as they solve the huge problems now confronting Olmsted County.

I also wish the County Board success.

There is no way I can adequately thank my re-re-election committee, who again took on in the spring that which they thought they had completed last November.


I have loved the job of county commissioner of District 6 and give many thanks to the voters who have allowed me to hold that office and have given me such great support for 16 years.

Jean; Michaels


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