LET Nelson principled, a good listener

Over the past couple of years, I have had the unique opportunity to work firsthand with State Rep. Carla Nelson. I spent quite a bit of time with her as she walked through her district knocking on doors.

I think I was struck first with simply how hard it is -- physically and mentally -- to talk to everyone in your district! But to do it with the same attentiveness at each door -- the same desire to not only impart information, but even more importantly, to really listen to and learn from her constituents. More than once I saw Carla find common ground with a person who began with conflicting views to her own.

I learned that in Carla Nelson, we have a representative who is a woman of principle, a person who truly listens and one who does not make idle promises. And one who truly "walks her talk"! I hope you'll join me in re-electing her on Nov. 2.

Jill; Huerter


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