LET Nelson strong on education

During the last 48 years, of the four state representatives (yes, I'm included) who served Rochester's District 30A, I believe Carla Nelson is performing at a level far above all of us because education comprises over 44 percent of our state's budget.

Carla majored in education, raised their family and then worked as a teacher. This prepared Carla to cope with education challenges on a pragmatic basis.

Carla is hard-working and is a quick study. Nelson's legislative experience is now showing by her increased command of the facts in many other areas like the medical field.

When the Star Tribune reported that a DFL candidate (Sandra Peterson), told her committee that "I don't want any more of it!" we realized that the DFL is using similar brochures filling with the same BS (bad statements) against other DFL opponents to distort their records as they are using against Carla Nelson.

I thought that Carla's opponent being a lawyer would in fairness ask her DFL party to cease and desist using these same type of smear tactics, unless she wants her committee to distort the facts relating to Carla's exceptional performance.


We are extremely fortunate to have Carla Nelson represent us. It would be a sad day if we didn't send her back to St. Paul.

Ken; Zubay


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