LET No military solution to terrorism

I heard Michael Hurley talk about the 9/11 Commission report recently.

It was frightening. The United States is still vulnerable to terrorist attacks by those who hate us, including with nuclear or biological weapons. He quoted one poll indicating that 98 percent of Egyptians dislike the United States. Why? He encouraged discussion.

Hurley cited some good reasons why. I think our military actions is one of the causes.

Joan Chittester, a Benedictine nun from the United States, was in Dublin, Ireland on Jan. 20, inauguration day for us. The front page of the Irish Times had a wrenching picture of a young Iraqi girl sitting in the road, splattered with blood, screaming. Her parents, in a car with the child and her four siblings, had just been killed by U.S. soldiers.

The picture was in many foreign newspapers. This picture would not change many minds of those who dislike us. We are in denial if we do not think our military action is one reason for the terrorism. Hurley, himself, also stated that there was no military solution to terrorism.


I am afraid for my country. We need a change in our foreign policy if we hope to change the threat of terrorism.

Rich; Van Dellen


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