LET No school is 'better' than other

How unfortunate that Jackie Jensen, in her Oct. 15 letter to the editor, felt she had to build up one Rochester school by denigrating another.

All Rochester high schools have fantastic school pride and caring, productive, contributing students. After spending six years at Mayo High School as an active parent and in spending my sixth year at Century as a participating parent, I feel compelled to tell our community that no school is better than another and no particular school has students "better" than the other. Many adolescents during their high school years make bad decisions (even Mayo High School adolescents); and the hazing that happened by Century students was one example of that.

These select few violators will suffer consequences as they should. They do not reflect the actions of the 1,800 other students at Century or any other Rochester high school. Our community (inclusive of all high schools) should be proud of our caring productive youth. They will someday be our leaders and contributing adults. They will continue to learn from their mistakes and others' mistakes. I am proud to say that I am a parent of Mayo graduates and Century graduates, and I am proud of them all.

Karen; Grant


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