LET Norton part of the problem

I believe the Rochester School District is at a crossroads with the way things have been done in the past, and the way things need to be done in the future. The school board must move past maintaining the status quo.

A number of candidates have chosen to run because of the two excess levy requests, a recount, and an ousted superintendent. Kim Norton, the only school board incumbent, seems to think the community does not recognize that she is part of the problem, not a solution.

Kim Norton has said she is running again "to bring continuity to a board that will have several new members." Really, what about bringing credibility to the new board? She did not have a problem being a willing participant in spending more than $37,000 for legal expenses for last year's recount or spending an additional $80,000 to pay off the ousted superintendent. That school board seemed to spend money protecting the credibility of its members, rather than maintaining the credibility of the board and the public school system. How could Kim Norton be proud of this record?

Norton's lawn signs now say "elect Kim Norton," not "re-elect Kim Norton." Maybe she doesn't want you to think she is an incumbent or know about her record.

Sean; C. Harrington



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