let NPR, PBS aren't unbiased

This is in response to the "Consider where you get your news" letter by James R. Audiss on March 25. Mr. Audiss states that Public Radio and PBS are better news sources than "for profit" entities such as CBS and Fox News, based on the idea that because the networks are for profit, they may have a conflict of interest.

I would like to point out that public radio and television receive a significant amount of their funding from the federal government and thus carry the agenda of "big government." This can clearly be heard in their news broadcasts.

On the other hand, the "for profit" networks make most of their money on the entertainment arm of their networks, not on the news programming.

The various news networks might have their individual bias, but to claim that public radio and television is unbiased is not true.

Don't let any single source of news influence you. Gather your news from as many sources as possible and then you decide. It is your responsibility as a free member of this republic.


Steven; K. Jacobsen


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