LET Officers acted appropriately

The Post-Bulletin's editorial regarding the shooting of a Minneapolis man relied on flawed logic. Keep in mind that the man had already been hit twice with a non-lethal alternative -- a stun gun.

The editorial stated, "It has not been explained why all six officers fired at the man." This simple description should validate the decision to shoot. Six separate people apparently perceived the same threat and took the same course of action.

The editorial also suggests shooting the man in the leg to disable him rather than in the torso. Crisis situations, especially involving incoherent subjects with weapons, do not lend themselves to a group discussion of "who should fire and what should we aim for?" It is also highly unlikely that a moving leg or arm is going to be hit with any accuracy.

Law enforcement officers are trained to shoot at center mass in order to maximize the potential of stopping the threat. That's exactly what they did in this situation. I'd say their training was quite accurate.

Cheryl; Winters



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