LET Open your eyes to the facts

Is President Bush's popularity real?

I'm afraid it is. Americans are action oriented. We love "quick" solutions to problems. The heroes we watch on television use "violence" to solve problems in 10-minute "takes" between commercials.

We watched the bombs fall on Iraq in the comfort of our living rooms, drinking beer. We didn't have to see the agony and fear of the people. We didn't have to smell the dead bodies or bury them. We are liberators! We are Powerful!

We are Blind!

We close our eyes to the facts:


Our personal freedoms are being taken away.

Laws protecting the environment are being rolled back.

We were seduced into war with lies.

With 9-11 our "safe" world was shattered. We didn't like being "victims."

We wanted to strike out. President Bush played on our feelings. He offered us a target. He made us feel powerful, unstoppable!

So who cares if we give up some of our personal freedoms?

Who cares if the environment is trashed?

Who cares if our money goes toward more bombs, tanks, fighter planes and ships?


Who cares that social programs, education, health and the economy are failing?

We can only hope that between now and the 2004 election that events will change.

Yvonne; Nyenhuis


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