LET Opportunity offered to get involved in developing new standards

It is time for you to step up and make a difference in Minnesota's future.

Minnesotans have a long tradition of supporting education and have been proud of the education that the children of Minnesota have received. The many passionate debates that we recently have had on education funding, the profiles, graduation standards, standardized testing and other topics are signs that we care.

For the last few months, I have been a member of the committee that produced the working draft for the new academic standards for social studies and science. However, a functioning committee is limited in how many people can participate. In order to produce the best possible standards, the process provides for expanded input. Thus, with the completion of a working draft, we are now entering into a very important phase, that of public input.

You now have an opportunity to provide input into a key aspect of education in Minnesota. As commissioner Yecke has announced, there will be 14 public hearings on the academic standards for social studies and science.

This is a prime opportunity for you to share your opinions on the draft of the new academic standards, and fill in any holes or gaps that the committee may have missed. Your participation will help provide the children of our state the best standards possible.


Duane; Quam Jr.

Minnesota; Academic Standards Committee

; Chair; of 9-12 science subcommittee


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