LET Oppose boundary? Ask why

What is the real reason parents in the northeast part of town don't want to send their children to Riverside Central?

Is it because there are more children of different nationalities attending this school? Have the parents ever stepped inside Riverside Elementary? Have they had any children who have gone to Holmes or Hawthorne Schools in the past to know what kind of an education the children are getting?

I am responding to the mother from northeast Rochester who described parents in her neighborhood as highly educated, affluent parents and her own children as "gifted." Don't you think all children are gifted and it is up to the parents, students and teachers as to how far that gift goes?

Then she goes on to ask how would Riverside Central, where the student achievement is low, meet the needs of higher-achieving students forced into Riverside Central? My daughter went to Holmes, which is now Riverside Central, then to Kellogg and now is a 4.0 student at Century, the same school your gifted child will attend.

Riverside Central is a Title 1 school. All this means is they get grants and money to help children who might need extra help. Maybe some of the other schools should be so lucky to have this available to them.


Shelly; L. Paulson


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