LET Our word counts in America

America is great place, and politics in action is awesome. I had the opportunity to serve as a delegate to the Republican Party Endorsement Convention for District 28.

I consider our country to be blessed, where freedom of expression and the vote of the people count. Delegates were called to vote numerous times until a candidate had the votes needed for the endorsement.

The challenge came when a candidate sought to withdraw his name from the vote after the chair of the convention called the floor for what turned out to be the final vote.

It is unique in this country so grand that one can approach the floor in the midst of a final vote and, in such a system of tolerance, grant this candidate from withdrawing his name from the Senate nomination.

The candidate for the Republican nomination was confirmed by the vote of the delegates. What an honor to cast that vote.


America is a country of free expression, and in this convention, freedom came in the expression of voting.

I am honored to be able have served in this process where words are true and the voice of the people count by voting. Thanks Minnesota and America for the freedom to speak and to be a part of what makes this country great -- our word.

Michael; Kopp

Pine; Island

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