LET P-B editorials are un-American

I'm am so sick of your biased statements regarding gun rights, war issues and our president. Unfortunately, you will probably win; the only consolation I have is that I don't live in your all-righteous city. Praise be it.

If you ever have any competition you would be a paper in the landfill, at best. I have no idea what you are trying to prove with your rhetoric, unfounded statistics, and blatant non-American views. Believe it or not, most of the people that read your paper are Americans and don't appreciate your slander and misleading information about topics that concern all of us, as a lot of the recent letters to the editor have stated.

You have the First Amendment at your side. At least give the rest of us ours by being fair and truthful. Truly, Hitler, Stalin and Saddam would be proud of you.

Mark; Rappe


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