LET Partisan critique ignores evidence

I'm writing this in response to some of the letters to the editor blaming the Democrats when the Republicans are in charge.

During its eight-year tenure the Clinton administration balanced the budget. Also, there was a surplus of money the administration wanted to use to pay off some of the debt and improve Social Security, but then Bush got elected.

He cut taxes on the rich and gave out a rebate.

The Republicans are always calling the Democrats the big spenders. Just check back on the Reagan administration; he put this country in the hole deeper than all presidents before him.

We now see Bush's proposed budget and the country will go further in the red and programs for education, road repair and other necessary things that the government pays for will suffer. He also proposes that people put part of their Social Security in the stock market. A good example of what could occur if that happens is Enron. The executives took out millions of dollars and told employees to keep investing and they lost their life savings.


Think about this when we vote for president in three years.

Kenneth; Wermager


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